February 16, 2010 Tuesday By volunteer: Rui

posted Feb 17, 2010, 8:30 PM by Jennie L   [ updated Feb 18, 2010, 12:01 AM by Cmain Donation ]
Yichao's condition is stable today with normal body temperature in the morning and slightly higher temperature in the afternoon. Doctors were worried his lung infection might be due to a flu, so he was transferred to an isolation room to avoid passing the flu to other patients. Family members can still visit Yichao like before. He will be transferred back to a regular bed after doctors rule out the possibility of infection.  His family members looked emotionally stable, but very tired, especially Yichao's wife.  Yichao's wife is the only person in the family who could speak English, so she has a lot more to do.
At 1:45 tomorrow, doctors will meet with the family members to discuss Yichao's condition. They also need to fill out some forms to reduce medical fees (Medical? Not sure). They have to move out from the hotel on Thursday.  Accommodation options are still being arranged.

In the afternoon, Yichao's wife and father met with Stanford's general lawyer to seek legal advice. 

The daily coordinator should confirm with Jade Palace at around 11am everyday to confirm the lunch pick up time. I have add this note in google doc. (Today, the lunch pick up volunteer had to wait for nearly an hour) 

Added by Dan
Today, Dan, and SJ Q accepted a telephone interview from San Jose Mercury News on behalf of the Wang family.  Tomorrow at 10:30 they will accept another interview from Palo Alto Weekly. The housing problem can be finalized tomorrow.  There are three options for housing.  We urgently need of furniture volunteers to help with the move on Thursday and Sunday.