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On the night of Feb 3rd, 2010, Yi-Chao Wang, a talented visiting Stanford graduate student from China was struck by a car and received a severe head injury while bicycling home from his labratory on Stanford campus.

His life was saved after the surgery in Stanford Hospital but he is still in coma now.

Yi-Chao’s parents have come all the way from China to see their only son in the hospital. His family is now in an extremely difficult financial situation because his parents are both retired and receive only a few hundred US dollars a month from their pensions. His father, who had colon cancer three years ago, is also suffering from severe heart disease. The whole family is suffering both mentally and physically.

Yi-Chao's insurance benefits were exhausted by the surgery,and  cost of hospitalization has been a huge burden on Yi-Chao’s family. Yi-Chao's colleagues and friends are motivated and are doing their best to support Yi-Chao and his family, but Yi-Chao and his parents also need your help!

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