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2-15-2010, email to donors:

Dear friends,

Thanks for your donation for Yichao Wang! Chinese Mutual Aid
International Network(CMAIN) will put all your donation into the
rescue of Yichao. We have received over $24,000 USD since Feb 10,
2010. CMAIN has delivered first check to Yichao's family on Feb 12,
2010. We will monitor and audit the use of the donation as well.

Please visit the site for updated information about YiChao Wang:

CMAIN will issue you the tax deductible receipt after this event.
Please contact us at if you don't receive the
tax-deductible receipt email from us by the end of the year 2010.

Thank you again for your donation! CMAIN will keep contributing to our society.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese Mutual Aid International Network